Navigate room to room, making sure your lights are switched on. Light switches appear as red buttons on the wall, and will periodically turn themselves off. Leaving a room in darkness will allow nightmarish creatures to rise from the floor and create ghastly noise. The noise meter in the bottom left of your screen indicates the current volume, and if the volume gets too loud... you'll wake up! So vanquish these threats to your dreams, keep those lights on and whatever you do, DON'T WAKE UP!

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This is the finalised and more polished version of our GDL Jam entry which you can find here:


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Its not working for me, its just a blank page.

This was such a cool little concept that was so well put together! I found myself playing for far longer than I expected, and I kept on going!

The gameplay is simple and genius enough, run between rooms switching lights back on that those cursed ghoulies have turned off! It can get very manic very quickly, and I found that I would occasionally get flummoxed, but hey, that's what the game is all about, right?

I think you could really make this game something really big by incorporating a level system (maybe start off with a smaller house and have a target of how long to survive, and even different types of ghoulie), but even as a stand-alone one-off experiment this game was an absolute blast! Keep up the amazing work =)

Good artwork. Good game mechanics. UI needs to be a tad bit more clear. I have a more detailed criticism of the game in my playthrough

Addicting game! I loved it

LOVED this game, super challenging but really fun. Could see this being a full fledged game with multiple levels, great work!

For what it's worth it's fun but I would love to see it expanded

I think this is an interesting game. Enjoyed the pixel art style. I didn't get the mechanic of the game fully until after I played and, failed then figured out what is suppose to be done so I might have to play this over!
Deleted 1 year ago

Hey thanks for taking the time to make a video on our game! Well done in getting over a minute, and cheers for the feedback you gave at the end :) We'll look at incorporating / addressing that in future games. Good luck with your youtube channel :) 



Hiya, I really enjoyed your game, also, the cubic art style was really pleasing to the eyes.

Hope you don't mind if I made a video on it! P.S. - Wish I could've gotten to the 400 mark.

Hey thank you so much!! It was awesome watching your video and seeing your playstyle evolve to the way we hoped people would play it! 

PS: The more monsters there are alive, the higher the noise meter gets, so keeping rooms on let's them keep spawning!


While I did get the feeling that a run and be made or destroyed by RNG, this was still one hell of a lot of fun. There are some small issues here and there, but I haven't played the jam version to compare it to. Just plain fun!


Hey, thanks so much for going through the effort to make a video on our game! I think your gameplay was really representative of the experience, even though there are certainly RNG aspects to surviving for a long time. I hope you'll be around to take a look at our future games, and all the best for you and your channel :)


ps thats me @ 400s  ;)