Note: This was an entry into the GDL July Game Jam.

Nightmarish apparitions appear before you as you sleepwalk through your house in the dead of night. The monsters threaten to wake you with their haunting sounds, roam the house from room to room using your cookies to vanquish the monsters of your dreams. Light-switches can be found as red buttons on the wall, keep these on to ensure your safety and sleepwalk the night for as long as possible. 


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You can play our post-jam updated version here!

Nice game! Is it possible to add a map indicator at the top where the player is and the monsters at in each room?

Yes it totally is! We've been thinking about how we're going to improve the minimap in the top right to be more useful, which will be up after the jam is done.

Thanks for playing!

Really great for a jam game! It's nice to just explore the detailed house at the start, until the creatures catch you. I guess the gameplay itself works well too, once you learn where the critical line goes in terms of how far of the monsters you have to keep.

I'd like to invite your game to our game-making contest! We also have a category for jam entries.

amazing art and polish, feels like a finished game